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Custom Synthesis

Our highly skilled chemists can carry out the synthesis of various complex intermediates, scaffold, reference compounds and a wide range of research building blocks. At Small Molecules we use controls throughout the production processes to minimize variations and ensure superior QUALITY, higher RELIABILITY and CONSISTENCY in our products . We provide a quick response to new inquiries and provide regular weekly reports and status updates on project progress along with projected delivery dates.

Our Custom Synthesis Services Include:
  • Reference compounds
  • Building blocks and scaffolds
  • Organic ligands and various catalysts
  • Designed compounds for SAR studies

Medicinal Chemistry

In the highly competitive field of drug discovery, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are augmenting their drug discovery efforts without adding to their head count by placing their trust in qualified labs outside their own R&D organizations. Our highly trained chemists have many years of industrial experience in medicinal chemistry and a proven track record when it comes to producing active drug candidates. We will work closely with your chemists and biologists to advance the drug discovery process.

Our Medicinal Chemistry services include:
  • Design and synthesis of custom libraries
  • Lead generation and optimization
  • Product isolation, purification and structure determination
  • Synthesis of prodrugs and new chemical entities

Process Research & Development

Our process development capabilities can further design and optimize synthetic routes from gram to multi-kilo quantities for requested compounds. Our chemists have access to state-of-the-art research and analytical equipment, and Cheminformatics tools to ensure that solutions are found for each challenge in a given time frame, which aim to develop scalable, safe and economically viable solutions.

Our Process Research Services Include:
  • Scale up capabilities
  • Route design and optimization
  • Process research for targeted molecules

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